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Mahankaal Temple
This is another ancient temple dedicated to lord Shiva situated 5 Km away from Baijnath. The main temple was constructed sometimes in medieval period. Temples dedicated to Shani and Hanumaan have been added in February, 2006. The temple is visited by numerous devotees particularly during the Saturdays of Bhadrapada (August-September).

Mukutnath Temple
This ancient temple of lord Shiva is at a distance of 8 Km from Baijnath. The first ever plant of tulsi is believed to be present in the premises of this temple.

Khir Ganga Ghats
The perennial holy water springs are situated at the basis of Shiv Temple Baijnath along the left river of the river Binwa. The devotees prefer to take a bath here before paying obeisance to lord Shiva. The place is also known as Chotta Haridwar as many people consign ashes here after the cremation.

Trekking Routes
Baijnath subdivision has many trekking routes varying from low to very high altitude. Prominent and frequently haunted by gaddi tribes and tourists are:

  1. Bir-Billing (7,500 ft)-Rajgundha-Baragran (Chotabhangal) trekking route. Length- 35 Km.
  2. Bir-Billing-Rajgundha-Palachak-Paniartoo-Thumsar Pass (18,500 ft)-Barabhangal-Holi (Chamba) trekking route. Length- 120 Km.
  3. Uttrala-Jalsu Pass (13,000 ft)-Holi (Chamba) trekking route. Length- 60 Km.
  4. Fatahar-Karnarthu-Tatwani (7,200 ft)- Sansal trekking route. Length-25 Km.

Billing an International site for paragliding is situated at a distance of 25 Km from Baijnath.


Tatwani (Hot water Springs)
Perennial hot water springs at Tatwani can be approached from Sansal or Fatahar villages after covering a distance of 13 Km through coniferous forests. A fair is held here on 13th April.

Binwa Hydro-electric Project:
Six MW capacity project is located at picturesque location at Uttrala. The scenic beauty of the reservoir at the top of the power house is eye soothing in summers.

Mahavatar Baba Ji Meditation Centre
The sacred Ashram of Mahavatar Baba Ji is situated at a distance of 13 Km from Baijnath.  The chirping of birds & soft chants of wind-chimes  greet on the visit to this picturesque Ashram.  Hawan ceremony along with the raising of tricolour set the tone of the day. Samarpan  the meditation hall, in the sublime tranquility, calms  the senses & inspires the spiritual  aspirants for onward journey in search of the inner self, the inner  silence.  Beloved His Holiness Guruji-fondly called Swamiji is a living epitome of love & compassion for all. Guru Purnima attracts devotees from all over India & abroad as a regular annual feature. It is believed that whosoever, comes in contact with  his holiness once, feels affected in unexpected & inexplicable ways.

Sherab Ling Monastery
Located at a distance of 8 Km is situated Sherab Ling monastery, the seat of 12th Tai Situpa. The Monastery offers a radiating beauty amidst the forest of pines. The idol of Lord Maiterya-Boddhsatva of compassion is gorgeous. There are several monasteries in the Bir area also.


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